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  Travel Assist
Tour, Travel and Hospitality- Travel Assist.
Travel Assist is a user friendly interface oriented Tour Management Application that enables a tour operator (DMC- Destination management center) to efficiently manage complete tour cycle from enquiry to tour operations to financial accounting and till balance sheet with Multi Company, currency and language integrated with various points of sales
Enables Tour company to manage operation of all business segments: FIT, GIT, Series, Adhoc, Charters and Excursion management.
Auto generate of XO's (Vouchers) / Itinerary / Response form /Invoices /Credit notes and option to mail then accordingly.
Can be accessed from different distant locations and help in the following core activities in centralized manner for Branch Consolidation, Contracting, Management Reporting and Payment.
Travel Assist provides the efficient, high quality and profitable operations, from product planning to operations to accounting to MIS suite for all levels of executive right from file handling to decision makers of the business.
Travel Assist is seamlessly integrated to Oracle Financials accounting functions and can be integrated with any third party application or ecommerce platform solutions using Service Oriented Architecture using XML.
Automate & simplify business processes to handle larger transaction volumes.
Efficient online transaction processes resulting in reducing manual and duplication jobs.
Improving customer satisfaction.
Improving controls to manage growth related operational risks with centralized security and controls at all levels.
Improving turnover / employee ratio.
Better negotiating power vested with product development team with centralized tariff.
Secured base access with more features.
Instant MIS Generation.
QUICK UNDERSTAND: Seamless business process, Centralized contracting, Query/Quotation management, handle transaction volume, maintain turnover/Employee ratio, Automated scheduled reporting, all sales point integration, Rate management and efficient transactions.
Centralized contracting..
Centralized content management.
Enquiry operation and booking..
Quality control.
MIS- management information suite.
  Centralized Contracting.  
Centralized Contracting.  
Allocation management.
Rate management module.
Special events etc.

  Inquiry and Operations.
Tour Information.
Tour Cost Estimate and Inquiry follow-up.
Centralized databank for all costings.
Centralised status for all services requested to suppliers..
Allocation Control.
Rooming list.
Airline name list generation.
Generation of Itinenaries linked to a centralized picture gallery.
Generation of vouchers and emailing them directly to suppliers from the application.
Statement of Tour Profitability.
Check tour availability.
Capture Pax details and book tour.
Generate Sales Invoice and Receipt.
Amendment / Cancellations.
Transport Movement management.
Welcome kit with feedback form generation.
Capturing of feedback form data.

Profile Management.
'To Do' Task management.
Sales Team Activity Management.
Centralised Image Gallery.
  MIS Suite.
Instant Sales Analysis.
Trend Analysis, Variance Analysis.
Auto Scheduled Reports.